About us

Accenture and Cellnex Telecom have combined their capacities and efforts to make the Open Source CityOs Community a reality, closely linked to the Urban Platform CityOS that they have developed and put into production at the Barcelona City Council to improve the lives of citizens thanks to the creation of new digital services.

The CityOS Community was created with the aim of being a global reference in the field of Smart Cities, Smart Regions and Smart services projects in general. The main objective of the Community is to spread the knowledge around CityOS to those entities, companies and public administrations that may be interested in the incorporation of CityOS elements in Smart implementations. Additionally, the Community will become the point where all knowledge around the different implementations of CityOS in the world will be concentrated, both at the level of use cases and technological components, to multiply value solutions based on the platform.

Both companies have extensive experience in the implementation of solutions and technologies in the Smart environment and critical environments. In this union, Accenture brings the knowledge for the management of projects of this type together with the development of complex predictive models and advanced analytical processes. Cellnex Telecom contributes its knowledge in the design and implementation of Smart solutions, guaranteeing as an infrastructure manager that the technological and communication solutions on which the different environments are supported will enjoy optimum provisioning and maintenance.