Economic and demographic growth have highlighted the need to move towards the sustainable city model; watching over the care of the environment. New technologies can play a very important role in this area, for example in terms of energy savings, cleantech or in terms of efficiency.
WHAT DOES IT CONSIST OF? Automatic regulation of public lighting systems TO WHOM IT IS ADDRESSED? BENEFITS FINAL USER Quality of life Increase in health Optimal visibility Security Awareness and ...
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WHAT DOES IT CONSIST OF? Help the commitment to provide waste collection and provide the necessary urban infrastructure for the permanent maintenance of the cleanliness of the city. Check and ...
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¿WHAT DOES IT CONSIST OF? Fight and combat against noise pollution, considering it one of the most important environmental factors with negative effects on the health of people. Noisy maps ...
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WHAT DOES IT CONSIST OF? Transform Social Housing for people who are at risk of social exclusion in Connected Homes implementing IoT solutions. Provide a solution capable of analyzing parameters ...
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